Rebalancing Oils

Clarins Face
Treatment Oils

100 % pure plant extracts, 100 % well-being.

There is a Clarins face oil for every woman,
specially designed to rebalance any skin type.

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There is a Clarins face oil for every skin type.

The visible signs:

  • • Uncomfortable skin
  • • Reactive/fragile skin
  • • Rough skin
  • • Dull complexion
  • • Fine lines

The visible signs:

  • • Skin feels tight
  • • Dehydration
  • • Dull complexion

The visible signs:

  • • Shine
  • • Spots and blackheads
  • • Dilated pores
  • • Dull complexion

Santal Oil

• Decongests and soothes
• Reduces redness
• Prevents dehydration
• Nourishes and stimulates the skin
• Restores radiance to a dull complexion

Based on aromatic essential oils of sandalwood, cardamom and lavender.

Blue Orchid Oil

• Restores radiance to a dull complexion
• Restores hydration levels
• Tones and softens skin
• Leaves skin, soft, smooth and radiant

Based on aromatic essential oils of patchouli and orchid extract.

Lotus Oil

• Purifies and prevents the appearance of blemishes
• Tightens pores and refines skin texture
• Improves skin comfort
• Prevents dehydration
• Clears the complexion

Based on aromatic essential oils of rosemary, geranium and lotus extracts with astringent and rebalancing actions.

100% natural ingredients

The best plants

Clarins 100% pure plant extract oils are the result of a subtle blend of plant extracts and essential oils which provide both skin care and aromatherapy benefits.
Clarins Research selects the most precious plant extracts to create the most effective combinations, which explains the incredible effectiveness of natural oils.

A key ingredient:
hazelnut oil

Hazelnut oil is the ideal support for these essential oils which cannot be used undiluted on the skin.
Rich in anti-free radical vitamin E and nourishing fatty acids, it provides skin with anti-ageing and nutritive benefits.

Application method

Beauty tip:

Clarins face oils are ideal for use during periods when your skin is subject to imbalances and stress or needs protection against daily aggressions such as extreme weather and pollution.

Routine 1
Alone at night,
as a night time treatment

The perfect combination for
100% pure skin care pleasure.

Toning Lotion
Toning Lotion
Face Treatment Oil
Face Treatment Oil

Routine 2
to complement
your night cream

The 2-in-1 skin care routine
that will rebalance and care
for your skin.

Toning Lotion
Toning Lotion
Face Treatment Oil
Face Treatment Oil
Vital Light Night
Vital Light Night

Routine 3
with a mask.

A pampering facial
you can do at home.

Toning Lotion
Toning Lotion

Gentle Peeling
Gentle Peeling
Face Treatment Oil
Face Treatment Oil
HydraQuench Cream-Mask


What makes Clarins Face Oils so special?

They contain a number of plant ingredients each with its own action, benefits and specific vitamins which are required to deliver the desired beauty result.

None of our oils contain artificial fragrance or colorants.

Why use a Clarins Face Treatment Oil?

Clarins founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins : "Most women use a majority of synthetic products which, it is true, have definite benefits. However, day after day, their skin – which is a living thing – never comes in contact with anything natural. Clarins oils are all natural, light, pure plant oils, composed exclusively of plants and flowers, and they provide skin once again with the benefits of Nature."

What is an essential oil?

An essential oil (also called a plant essence) is a natural secretion produced by the plant and contained within the plant's cells – either in the calyx, stem, bark or other part of the plant.
Essential oils are fragrant substances that are totally different to vegetable oils, which are obtained from pressing. Essential oils do not contain fatty acids but a number of different chemical molecules. Many essential oils have medicinal properties, which have long been used in traditional medicines – and are still widely used today.

What are the cosmetic properties of Hazelnut oil?

The formula used in all Clarins face oils is comprised of 2-4% essential oils (which is the optimal level to ensure the most effective results) diluted in a 'supporting' oil, in this case Hazelnut Oil. Hazelnut Oil was chosen for being the most stable natural oil available and has many skin care benefits, including…

• Protects against dehydration.
• Balances sebum production.
• Purifies, deep cleanses the epidermis.
• Softens, promotes suppleness.
• Highly penetrating, leaves no oily residue.
• Very rich in vitamin E with antioxidant benefits.
• Excellent for repairing damaged hair and nails.